Last week I had the opportunity to share my experience in writing my new ebook, ‘Twitter Magic’. Needless to say the first 5 minutes I was a bit nervous and as time went by I felt calmer and free to express my thoughts. Lucky for me prior to the interview I had received an email that asked me to only think about my passion for Twitter and to remember not to fear the situation as I moved through the interview process. This was some great advice. When you add positive encouragement and a great interviewer like Deb Mullen, you simply have no where to go but up. I was belting out answers with a confidence that even surprised me! When people asked questions instead of being nervous and thinking I didn’t know the answer, I was ready and the answers came out of my mouth quite easily. Imagine that!    

This was another great life lesson. Once the butterflies vanish and you speak from your heart the words just flow. What a great feeling! I love Twitter and how much it has helped me in my journey of self discovery.  Building relationships that have turned into lasting friendships with people all around the world is a gift that I will always treasure. Without ‘Twitter Magic’ this never would have been possible. Thanks for all of your support on my first ebook! Tell a friend and make sure to let me know what you think of ‘Twitter Magic’ in the comments box below and remember to create an excellent week! ~Bonnie 


Take a listen —->      Twitter Magic Interview




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